I’m in this love-hate relationship with this girl at my uni, she can be good company sometimes but then if she’s not being okayish she’s boasting or if not that, asking me how to do work and then has the audacity to have me on about being behind on work (when I have 2 jobs and end up struggling sometimes?? and she doesn’t do anything?)

today I told my mum that I look like a piece of shit and i’m not sure if she reacted to me swearing or saying it idk

Unreasonably jealous, bitter and feeling inadequate bc my sister and brother both have partners and I haven’t had any interest in me in over a year

I think jealously is probably one of my most frustrating traits, I’m way too sensitive and little things people say set me off passive aggressively lately, really need to realise that a lot of the time people do say things to provoke and get a response and I gotta rise above it

I had a really good chat with my 2IC tonight, she found out that our manager was talking shit about her even though she does nothing wrong and apparently he’s a terrible manager according to a person he worked with previously and my 2IC is the loveliest person ever and good at her job so that’s just so rough

I mostly just want to sleep but I am too upset and anxious to and my head won’t stop pounding, I also need to do this essay tho but it seems like a lost cause tonight

I feel so nervous about this 300 level essay, the reading is so different from the media commentary and I have no idea how to connect them at all and today was my only free day before hand in and I’ve done nothing. Mum came into my room to see how I was going with it and I said not good and she said to ask someone about it and I’m too lazy to even go downstairs and grab a phone top-up off the fridge so I can text my friend :(